Ok, I need a website, but at what price?

One of the first questions we are asked frequently is probably the most difficult to answer: “How much does it cost a website?” Obviously the answer is; it depends!

Let’s start with the essentials:

  • A domain name, the website address (example:, costs between $ 15 and $ 20 a year, not to mention all possible packages and promotions.
  • The web hosting, the land where the website is built, costs about $ 100 a year. Important factors to consider are: hard disk space, the amount of bandwidth and the “included” that vary from one provider to another.
  • Email addresses, the mailbox, there is really something for everyone. The quantity of boxes, the supplier, their dimensions and the frequency of modification all have an impact on the cost. Here are 2 examples:
    • Mr. X is a self-employed worker and he needs only one box. He decides to use a reputable supplier (like Gmail) who charges him $ 5 per month, per user. That’s a total of $ 60 a year.
    • Ms. Y has 30 employees who all require an individual email. She opts for her web host who also offers the configuration of emails at an hourly rate. Ms. Y will pay $ 120 for the 30 boxes.

Now, we fall into sections that vary:

  • How many pages will the website have?
    • 1 to 10 between 1000$ and 2000$
    • 11 to 50 2500$ +
  • Who will write the content?
    • If it’s you, calculate your hourly rate!
    • An editor, about 175$ per page
  • Do you have all the necessary images of sufficient quality?

    • Royalty-free images purchased in an image bank are about $ 20 per image.
    • A session with a photographer is $ 250 +.
  • Your SEO may tip the scales, depending on the type. SEO is cheaper in the long run, but slower and may vary. “Paid” referencing is faster, but these are recurring costs that must be made continuously. ($ 0.05 / visit up to $ 100)
  • Will your website have specific features? Portfolio, calendar or online booking packages may have purchase and integration fees. In general, we are in the $ 50 to $ 100 zones, but in some cases we can see $ 500 to $ 1000 or even more.
  • The famous online store, depending on the type and complexity of the products, adds at least $ 1000 and there is no ceiling!

In summary, a small simple website, type showcase, should be able to cope in the vicinity of $ 2500. But if you want a site that can not only impress the gallery with a bespoke shop and make your life easier, it could easily cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

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