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What to know before starting your website

You might have heard: “You don’t you have a website? Ok, what do you want?” But before you start creating a site, there are several things to know. For those who have decided to proceed with the design of the website, here are some questions that will allow you to be ready when you ask for an estimate.

What is the primary function of the website? Here are some hints:

  1. Show your clients your ongoing projects like portfolio;
  2. Transmit data to educate customers about all types of services you offer, such as a complete brochure of your online services;
  3. Inform your customers about your activities, events and news, such as an interactive blog or calendar.

What is your target audience?

  1. Your customers, your team members, etc.
  2. Their age groups, 18 – 24, 25 – 35, etc.
  3. Women or men?

What kind of content would you like?

    • Photos, videos
    • Documents such as PDF, Word or other
    • Blogs
    • Online Product Shop

Are there specific sections that should be there?

  • Calendar of events
  • Portfolio
  • Downloadable documents.

In how many languages would you like your site to be in?

  • English only. French only.
  • Bilingual
  • All of the above and more?

Now that you have a better idea of ​​what you are looking for, you are close to requesting submissions that will be detailed and will meet your needs since the beginning of the project. For the rest, it’s a question of design … Choose your designer!

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Alex Poirier-Brin