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Oh no! You have a 404 page

What is a 404 page?

You’ve seen them many times. These are the pages that appear when you have written a wrong web address or gone to a page that has been deleted. Each year, people fall several million times on 404 pages and often the traffic is lost because the visitor returns to the search engine to try to find a different result.

What to do?

Well, there are many things you can do for your web users and make the user experience challenge a page that helps you grow. Pages 404 represent real opportunities.

Some companies use these pages to be creative. They can entertain their visitors with a funny message, videos, gifs or images. Transform these 404 errors into revenue, sales or prospecting?

When people arrive on your 404 pages, you must warn them that they are on the wrong page. Be direct with a 404 title and an explanation that says something similar to “This page does not exist or no longer exists”. (Not everyone knows what 404 means.)

What is your message?

Think about what brought visitors to your site. What are they looking for? What is the purpose of your business? You need to understand their intentions to better fit your 404 page. Tell visitors what to do, how you can help them, and a way to keep going on your site. You can add links to common pages (like Home, About Us, Our Services, Contact, etc.). Be creative and find a way to keep the user on your site without being bored and navigate elsewhere.

Be positive or humorous. It takes creativity to convey a message that makes visitors laugh while encouraging them to interact.

Some tips for generating potential sales:

 – Add your most recent promotion to page 404. 

– Most people are very visual so add an image to your offer.

– Capture the email address of your potential customers. 

404 pages are often considered less important than other pages on a site, but they are a valuable addition to revenue. The ultimate goal is really to provide useful information to help your customers find the content they were looking for initially. Contact us to improve your site; we are full of ideas to keep your customers where they should be. It takes time to design them, but once they are optimized, your business can see several positive results.

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