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Google requires SSL certification for all sites

What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS/SSL?

HTTP is a protocol used to send and receive information on the web.

The HTTP protocol is composed of 2 protocols: the HTTP protocol and the SSL protocol.

The SSL protocol protects the communication between your website and its visitor, ensuring that no one between these two points can get in or read the content of the communication. Without this encryption, malicious people or even your ISP may access the content of this communication and may intercept it by injecting data or viruses.

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In July 2018 Google launched Chrome 68 that requires HTTPS to all websites.

If your site is not HTTPS, you are identified in the URL bar as an “Unsecured site” with a red X. Internet users no longer trust websites and you will lose your good SEO.

And my SEO?

Google puts pressure by prioritizing the ranking of secure sites compared to those who are not. Having a site that is not HTTPS greatly affects your SEO.

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