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Graphic design trends of 2021

Well, here’s what you’ve all been waiting for! Get ready for 2021’s graphic design trends!

2021 graphically

Pastel and desaturated colors

Naval colors (At sea!)

Simple diagrams

Geometrical shapes

Flat icons and illustrations

Simplicity (flat design)


Humans in the spotlight

Pop Art is back


How can you stand out?

Using trends:

Use the elements already present in your branding, but adjust your ads and posts by adding thoughtful elements. Ex.: adding some popular #, emojis or using memes, etc. It will make you look up to date with trends and stimulate user interaction.

Keep what works! Don’t try too hard to apply what’s trendy. You don’t want to sound insincere.

Apply the trendy technological elements according to your audience. You won’t ask inexperienced customers to share an emoji on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and download an app, no matter how popular it is. You may lose some along the way.

By avoiding trends:

Stick to yourself, but don’t get stubborn! Your identity may need a little refreshing and a little boost can help in the advice of your graphic designer. ; p

Go in an unexpected direction, but one that speaks to your audience.

Take an old idea and bring it up to date. Retro is always welcome and if not, it passes like benchmark humor. Nostalgia is always in fashion.


Some things need to be timeless. Contextual humor is good for a clientele of microbreweries, not funeral homes. Some businesses are unfortunately frigid to any reinterpretation and their message must be treated with respect for institutional austerity: governments, centers for incurable diseases, delicate advocating (violence, end-of-life care, memorials, commemorations, etc.).

Fortunately, certain languages ​​have been developed in order to cater for these more delicate industries. And it is still possible to develop something noble there while remaining modern.

Caution ! If you push too far to be trendy, you might lose your brand’s soul! Don’t let a new graphic movement become your only visual identity. Trends pass, only use them as a vessel to propel your identity further or to inspire change.

tendance 2021 licorne pastel

Trends we can't see

Some trends are here to be cute, while others are in response to technological advancement or a change in the way information is spread. The media changed with the arrival of television, the Internet, or smartphones. These trends are inevitable and it is important to follow them no matter who you are talking to. Why ? Your message should be delivered where people are likely to see it. If 90% of people end up on a platform, you should be there too.

If you don’t follow social media streaming trends, for example, you may find yourself buried under projection algorithms and not being seen! This year, sliders are all the rage, so don’t just share videos, photos, GIFs or newsletters! Paid posts are prioritized by the algorithm now and emojis are popular this year. See what they can do for your branding!

Knowing what the trends are isn’t everything – do some research and see what other businesses and agencies are doing with these visions and how they will change over time. Be inspired by what can be done with simple shapes and colors. It is an evolving field that demands attention and wonder. Be curious!

Fashion is going fast and it will probably be different in 6 months. In fact, it will probably have already changed by the time you finish reading this article…

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