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How to properly name your images?

If you want a clean e-commerce site that doesn’t look like the Minotaur Maze, it all starts with naming your images properly. Although we have well-developed general knowledge, it is difficult for us to recognize all the products and characteristics of the field in which you’re an expert. You must therefore help us and help your customers by integrating your products in a consistent way into your website. Unlike store aisles, online directions are often invisible and keywords must therefore be incorporated into each stage of your e-commerce site development. When building an e-commerce site and doing the integration of the products, it’s easy to get lost if the files are misnamed. If they are concise from the start, you are less likely to make mistakes when mixing apples with bananas.

When you flip through a mountain of files, the information is categorized from the vaguest to the most precise. Everything should be written in a logical way with the data that we are likely to look for later (type of product, brand, physical or technical characteristics, model, color, etc.).

Here's an example

We’ve made an e-commerce website on which will be found products divided into categories. We’ll use fruit for the good of the cause. So we have 2 categories of fruit which contain different brands and specific codes. What would we name these elements? (it almost sounds like an elementary school math problem …)

NO NEED TO PANIC!! We have data, it only needs to be put in order…

First, don’t be afraid to make folders for your files. Start with the most vague and specify, retain and list the relevant elements:



  • Avoid capital letters in FILE names (folders can be all capital letters).
  • Never use spaces, accents or symbols; this can create problems.
  • Use the “-” to separate the words.
  • Try to limit your folders on your desktop to 5 and empty your trash every night to avoid nasty smells. Hehehe! and empty the computer trash too …
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