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Oh no! A Troll!

And no, it’s not about Dungeons and Dragons or a book by J.R.R. Tolkien. These “Trolls” are actually Internet users who enjoy sowing chaos online through derogatory or irrelevant comments for personal entertainment. Block them.

Comment reconnaître un Troll:

Troll d'internet
  • They are rude or vulgar
  • They are active on multiple platforms
  • They are anonymous or use an alias
  • They seek attention
  • They DO NOT match your target audience and DO NOT CONSUME your products
  • If they are ignored, they will, for the most part, cease on their own
  • They will hitchhike on comments from other customers and react to emotional surges

You have a bad case of Trolling?

WARNING ! Not all Trolls are negative. Some will “spam *” pejorative pages (calling for hatred, violence or crime) or attack unhealthy organizations in the name of a cause. Some will use humor and irony to raise ethical questions on controversial topics.

* spamming: overloading a web page with information or interactions that causes the page to close due to too much traffic.

If you think you’re dealing with a Troll, don’t panic. These people love attention. Don’t feed their ego. Name them and invite people to ignore them too. Block them if they are particularly vulgar or inappropriate. It is normal that in the great enchanted forest that is the Internet hides a fairy and sometimes even a troll or two.

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