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What tone to use on social networks?

Social medias are like a big, simultaneous conversation of 1 million people, mixing advertisements, opinions, information and stories. All this in an empty aircraft hangar. With megaphones. And half of the people are deaf. Not easy to be heard in all this chaos!

So how can you find a unique voice that will make you stand out and most importantly, reach your audience?


Let the persona talk

The first step would be to create a virtual persona. A persona is a fictitious person who will speak on your behalf in a certain tone and personality: a friendly-toned plumber, cynical alien, humorous approach, familiar speaking, etc. Your voice should have a defined character attached. Putting an image and a face on your identity on social medias will make your content management easier. This is where having a persona can help.


3 good reasons to create a persona:

1. Power to delegate

It is unlikely that you will be doing all the management of your social networks in perpetuity. So someone else may need to write on your behalf, and it’s much easier for that person to trust a generic tone that matches your company’s archetype. If, for example, you sell heavy machinery, you may choose, as your persona, a manly hairy lumberjack with a familiar and fatherly tone. If you lack imagination, you can use a well-known person, such as Morgan Freeman, as a voice. Keep a consistent tone and harmonize it according to: personality, history, language, origin, career, and the physical and psychological attributes of your persona.

CAUTION: do not fall into the trap of negative stereotypes as they can influence you in avenues that are offensive or lacking in sensitivity.

2. Protection of your image

This fictitious person gives you a certain shell in the face of attacks or criticism. It allows you to stand up for your business while maintaining a healthy distance for you and your image.

3. Concrete projection

This gives you an image that is more easily conveyed to your audience. Personality aspects are more easily remembered by people than the person themselves. This is the same reason that boosted mascot advertising in the 1980s. See your persona as your mascot that concretely humanizes your brand image. Don’t trust festival mascots who are just shady.


Of course, you can still speak from your own person if your interaction remains modest. In order to increase interactions on your networks, you may one day need to delegate and transmit or change your voice. By having a clear idea of ​​your voice and its characteristics, it will be easier for you to express your thoughts in different situations without sounding incoherent and without your tone sounding dishonest.

3 important things when choosing your tone

1. Voice VS tone

Develop a clear communication strategy that will help you and your sidekick network managers to follow a clear and consistent guideline. Establish what tone you want your persona to use. There is a difference between your voice and your tone. The voice corresponds to the founding personality of your virtual persona: man / woman / non-binary, 20/30/40 years old, occupation, passions, familiar or sophisticated language, familiarity or address, etc.

The tone, meanwhile, is the emotion conveyed by this character. Is he funny, sarcastic, touching, activist? What are its values? People should be able to understand your voice and tone quickly. The tone may change depending on the situation, but the voice should remain consistent throughout interactions.

TIP AND TIP: Pick a persona and tone similar to your clientele. It’s good to be funny and engaged, but that tone lends itself well to a younger audience. Older people recognize themselves less in “memes” … You can make a profile of your persona with photos, illustrations and clear characteristics.


2. A good tone is not all it takes!

Good tone doesn’t guarantee that people will buy, but they are likely to share and interact a lot more. Everyone is looking for something different and those looking for discounts are rarely the ones who will interact with you the most. The reason is that if someone is looking for the best price, they will go and find it where they are. When the price goes up, these people will disappear. You want to find loyal customers who are looking for added value in a product and a business.

These people, even after buying from you, will continue to share and interact. They are your admirers. And they’re most valuable for social media recognition. About ten admirers who share your content will be able to give you visibility that any paid advertising boost will fail to match. It is important to reach them, recognize them and retain them.


3. Stay human.

People go to networks to meet a very simple need: the need for community, the feeling of belonging and sharing. They don’t go there to sell things (even if there is a marketplace …). So you need to approach the interaction as humanely as possible. People need to share your posts because they find something there that they’re looking for. Whether it’s for humor (a main reason to share), an inspirational quote, an interesting design, or something personal, people will share things that will create visibility for themselves.

That’s why it’s important to develop content and a voice that’s unique to you, and dress them in a tone that reaches your customers. Among the successful examples, there is among others Valentine, this restaurant chain which seemed to be forgotten for a while and which has come back in force on the networks with a unique tone that has been shared thousands of times (488% more interaction, to be exact). You will see it!


We will not end this article in a fishtail. Your tone should be as fresh as a tuna sandwich and maintained as a lawn being mowed. Your voice and tone should personify your business, while providing your audience with a human image in your interactions. Pick your tone according to your audience and don’t forget to have fun doing it. If you want your customers to have fun reading you, you have to have fun writing. Stay genuine and focused on your strategy. Otherwise, there is always a masked professional ready to do the management for you with the voice of Morgan Freeman.

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