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The importance of good corporate photos

A photo speaks, a good photo sells.

A picture is worth a thousand words. It is therefore important to choose these words wisely. You don’t want these to say something like, “This is my store. See my products. Don’t mind the mess. »It evokes a lack of professionalism, laziness or even the questionable quality of your products. People are visual and will analyze your shots, seeing them as equal to your brand value. With the astronomical amount of images online, you don’t want your photos to stand out for the wrong reasons.

Purchasing is now a personal and emotionally complex process where it is necessary to convey at the same time information, an atmosphere, an impression (felt emotion) and a desire for possession in our audience. Nothing better to do all this than a beautiful photo that makes you dream. You have to use curiosity and imagination. As soon as the person imagines themselves in a moment of contentment with your product, they will become a loyal customer. It’s the Instagram era.


In those TryInG TiMEs (are you tired of hearing that one?), People can no longer travel to come and see your human warmth and live your customer experience. It is then more important than ever to convey all this by alternative means: interaction, videos and of course, photographs.

What makes a good photo?

Let’s simplify as much as possible. Purists may cry since it is much more complex, but hey … 🤷‍♀️ There are 3 main factors that make people look at your photos and say to themselves: I need this product!

1. The theme

First, the theme (the content). What are you going to take a picture of? Your product or service? Make sure you have beautiful, undamaged items, people with a smile, and attractive decor.

You most likely have corporate values ​​and a personal tone. It is therefore important to respect these aspects when taking your shots.

Photos need to be consistent. To do this, try to keep the same type of framing, angle, light, filter … In short, keep the same feeling in all your photos. Taking good photos requires preparing well, choosing the right time of day and doing a minimum of retouching to standardize the shots.


2. Technique

Second, there is the technique (the container). An image must be clear, in the correct format, etc. No one likes to look out of focus or a photo that’s too dark. When we embed the image on a website, Facebook banner, or printed poster, for example, we need it to be of good quality and the right size. People’s reading of distorted or pixelated photos is associated with a lack of professionalism and a lack of attention to detail. People don’t remember bad photos and won’t come to your store if your images make them feel cold or dirty.


3. The concept

Third, you need a little extra, the +: that of the concept, of the soul of your company. Will your photo be taken in “lifestyle”? In “staging”? Minimalist? This is how your photos will convey the message.

These are for example the photoshoots at work, outdoors or personal close-ups … You know, that strange phenomenon when you can almost smell, hear or taste the image? This is why we hire a photographer at a wedding and not our aunt Aline with her disposable Kodak. (Gen Z has no idea what we’re talking about here …) Sometimes taking clear photos is not enough.


What type of corporate photo is right for you?

The portrait

The portrait is a photo of a person. It can be full foot, framed at the waist, at the bust, framed at the face only, etc. This photo can be corporate or more artistic as needed.


Who is it for?

The portrait photo is important when people are at the heart of your mission. It is a type of photo that gives you confidence and allows recognition of proximity to your customers. You are the image they will associate with your business. You must then be well represented. A sincere smile and a confident posture are essential.

Types of businesses :

  • Real estate broker
  • Coach
  • Advisor
  • Caregiver or worker
  • Health care
  • Massage therapist
  • Beauty care
  • Artists
  • Computer science fields
  • Etc.

Food photography

Food photography, as the name suggests, is an image of food. It must be appetizing. We recommend a yellow filter to stimulate appetite. Lighting and composition are important aspects of food photos.


Who is it for?

It seems obvious that these photos are aimed at restaurant owners, but there are thousands of types of restaurants and dishes. Several aspects can influence the type of photo that will be required: the price, the location of the restaurant, the type of ingredients, the theme of the restaurant, the ethnicity of the dishes, the brand image of the restaurant, etc.

Types of businesses :

  • Canteens
  • Specialty restaurants
  • Sommellerie
  • Bars and bistros
  • Gig restaurants chains
  • Groceries
  • Flower shops
  • Etc.

The photo of products / store

The product photo is used to give people a detailed overview of the products. This type of photo can be found in flyers, magazines and web shops. These photos are generally fairly straightforward, but they come with their fair share of technical complexity to make the product stand out. They are often taken on a backlit table to be then cut out in photo editing software. Store photos have more variety and don’t need to be so clear. They serve to stimulate curiosity and a taste for shopping.


Who is it for?

Product photos are necessary if you are selling products. Wow. It was… revolutionary as a statement.

If you have an online store, people are going to want to see what’s there before they buy. It’s inescapable. The more information the photos provide, the more likely it is that customers will purchase the displayed products. You must compensate for the in-store experience with unparalleled clarity of the items offered.

If you have a physical store and an online store, you need to provide an efficient and enjoyable experience in both cases. You want to convey the store vibe to your site in order to maintain consistency in your customers’ shopping experience. If they have a rewarding shopping experience on your website, they are at high risk of repurchasing your products or stopping by the store.

Types of businesses:

  • Clothes store
  • Big box store
  • Small local store
  • Gifts shop
  • Arts ans crafts
  • Sports store
  • Etc.

Stock photos

Stock photos are a good option if you need photos quickly and inexpensively. But beware ! The trend right now is real people. People want to see real situations. And, honestly, photo banks are good, but you start to recognize them after so many years. Taking a photo shoot adds value that cannot be matched with photos taken in image banks.


Travailler avec un photographe

En collaboration avec Isabelle Michaud, photographe

The experienced professional photographer has a creative eye that will accurately capture and bring to life the subject you want to sublimate, whether it is a portrait, a dish, a place or an event. .

The majority of people who find themselves in front of the camera are often uncomfortable to find themselves in the hot seat. This part of the photographer’s job is crucial to the success of the shot, since he will be able to make you feel comfortable in front of the lens.

It will adapt to existing lighting environments or recreate the desired atmosphere using artificial lighting, using quality technical and optical equipment that an amateur could not usually afford.

This difference in the quality of the material may seem superfluous when it comes to viewing the image on social media since social media compress photos. However, it becomes essential when it comes to publishing on a website or printing large-format prints, for an advertising campaign, for example.

Finally, the professional photographer will be your ally when it comes to bridging the gap with your manager or website designer, because they speak a common language. During this time, you can put your energies into doing what you can do best: investing in the success of your business.

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