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10 questions on wordpress plugins

Let’s answer the first question of everyone first: what exactly are WordPress plugins? A plugin, extension or add-on is software that is added to a program (or for a website) in order to add functionality to it. In the following article, we focus on WordPress extensions.

If you think of a site as a car, it’s a bit like adding a spoiler or heated benches. This is a simple and effective way to accessorize your site if it does not meet all of your specific needs. You want to know more? Let’s go!


If you’re the type of person who doesn’t read intros and jump straight to the heart of the matter, you might be wondering where the first question is… haha! 😈. For the others, bravo! Okay, let’s go back to question 2, the sites do not always come with everything. Why? On the one hand, the people programming the sites are not always the best equipped to create additions like this and these can become expensive and time consuming to complete.

There are already my thousands of good extensions that can be added simply and will do their job perfectly. These additions have an endless variety of things they can do. To name a few, you might need an extension to add to your site:




Member databases


A transactional cart


A boutique






A chatroom


Social media sharing buttons


Visual improvements


Addition of fonts


Help in translation


Content integration


Changing the icons


User accessibility (hearing impaired, visually impaired, dyslexic, etc.)


Background change


External links access


Images and video optimization



3. Is there bad plugins?


It is clear that as part of an open market where everyone can contribute new functions, different levels of quality are found on the web. With over 54,000 free WordPress plugins, a few bad apples may have crept in. Also know that when choosing extensions, it is important to call in a professional who can direct you to the best choice according to your real needs. You wouldn’t install an ice cream machine in your car in the climates we know in Quebec? We neither. However … 🍦

A bad plugin can:

  • greatly slow down your site
  • not accomplish its job properly
  • be hard to use
  • add nothing to your brand
  • harm your seo
  • contain security breech
  • be obselete
  • noot work on mobile

4. Can we create custom plugins?

Of course.

Like any programmable content, it is possible to make WordPress plugins according to your specific needs or modify an extension to better meet what you are looking for. You don’t need to request it either. When we meet with you to find out your needs, it is part of our expertise to offer you services or recommend a course of action.

5. Are plugins applications?


An extension is grafted to a site to give it additional functionalities. An application is stand-alone. It is full-fledged software that operates independently of a site. Some sites have a suitable mobile version that can be downloaded as an application (banks, mailboxes, social networks).

Applications can also be downloaded independently on mobile: games, tools, security software, etc. If we compare this to a vehicle for example: extensions are options that you would add to your car (air conditioning, spoiler), applications would be a motorcycle … all the same a means of transport, but different.


6. What are the GOOD Wordpress plugins?

There are LOTS, but LOTS of WordPress plugins available. Several are very good, but first of all they need to be applied to your needs. An extension can be great for one type of business and not another. Even though two businesses require an online store, both will not necessarily need the same store extension.

It is therefore important to choose a suitable agency that will identify your needs and work with the right tools to see to the development of your business. Entrepreneurs and SMEs are generally those with whom we work most closely at Concept C. Our choices of extensions reflect this trend by putting forward the desire for autonomy or turnkey of each client. This does not prevent large companies and individuals from coming to see us of course, we like the visit. 😉

7. How much is a Wordpress plugin?

There are free and paid ones. Costs may vary depending on the complexity of the extension, its use, maintenance, and copyright. Some extensions may require a license renewed annually due to required updates and maintenance. All in all, it can range from around $ 0 to $ 1,000.


8. Can we install too many plugins?

It depends …  we don’t like those answers! In fact, the number of possible plugins depends on your hosting. Some shared hosting may only allow a limited number of extensions before slowing down your site significantly. If your hosting allows it, you can put the number of extensions you want. However, keep in mind your UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) which can be crowded with too many options. Keep only what is necessary to keep your ergonomics and your information clear.

Reference: wpbeginner.com

9. How to know which plugin is right for you?

This is taken into account depending on the type of business you own, your ability and desire for independence, and the needs of your customers. Ask your web integrator and / or developer what would work best for you. A good advisor will be able to synthesize all these things while explaining to you the operation and the reasoning behind the decisions and the costs involved. Everything that is done and put on a site should enhance it and be optimized for the success of your online visibility.

Even if you don’t really know much about the web, you know you need an online presence. Assessing your needs and your goal will help us build a strategy with you and develop strong and relevant features.


10.Are plugin good for SEO?

Not all extensions are basic, but some are made just to help with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is where the keywords come into play. Some help with the speed, security or visibility of your site. And that, SEO loves it!

If we come back to cars, you can see the extension of keywords like the little ball that we place on its antenna to detect its car in a parking lot… We see it immediately and we do not need to wander one hour by clicking on its alarm lever.

In conclusion, it is not essential that you know how to install a WordPress plugin to be successful in your business, but at least you will know what it is, what it does and why it is installed on your site.

Not everyone on the web needs the same things and that’s why it’s great to be able to add and remove certain options easily, without destroying the site. Some things are basic, but the extras, it’s nice to be able to rate them according to our needs. Imagine if all cars came with hubcaps, spoilers and neon lights, ew!

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