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5 types of websites (most common)

There are almost as many websites as there are people on earth. To facilitate your selection process, we can sort these sites into categories or types of websites. In this article, we will introduce you to 5 types of websites. Of course, there is a lot more, but we will only talk about the 5 that we are developing at Concept C.

Sure, it would be interesting to do all of them, but sometimes it’s better to be great at less than to be “meh” at a little of everything. You will still see that the essential is covered and that we offer what is relevant to our main customers, in the regions in 2021. Anything can be done, but unless you have Zuckerberg‘s ambitions, you will just need to a beautiful, good site, simple to use. We, our desire today is to talk to you about types of websites in “speed dating” formula! So let’s meet our candidates …

1. Showcase website

Presentation: The showcase site is a basic site (one or more pages) focused on the dissemination of information or content in order to promote a company, an individual or a cause.

He loves seaside walks and candlelit dinners
He is looking for anyone looking to have an online presence in order to send a message, make themselves known or to repatriate their social media links
at the same focal point

Advantages: Flexible, many options, possibility of variable autonomy

Professional life: Community organization, service entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, individual, corporate, social


2. E-commerce website

Presentation: This commercial site serves as a point of sale for goods or services.

  • It is transactional and requires the presence of a store.
  • He is looking for traders who want to sell their products or services directly online.

Benefits: Lower your operating costs, track your customers, improve your customer experience, and expand your reach. Plus, let’s face it, people like to shop in their pajamas, so an online store is a good way to keep up with the demand.

Professional life: Boutique, store, wholesaler, craftsman, artist

3. The blog

Presentation: The blog website can be easily updated by adding articles, texts, courses or workshops, etc. It is primarily a blogging platform.

He looks for companies with a mission of information, awareness or education. Sometimes even an individual with an inordinate love for porcelain cats can be motivated to start a personal blog on the subject.

Advantages: Easily modifiable, almost complete autonomy, customizable

Professional life: Individuals, influencers, organizations with a mission to raise awareness or educate, specialized companies, social groups


4. Portfolio website

Presentation: The portfolio site puts images first. This is a low-text site that contains a gallery.

He looks for people whose curriculum is visual, businesses seeking to show an atmosphere, a visual impression of their articles. It can also be used to simply broadcast achievements or creations and it can be paired with a shop site. For an individual in visual fields, this site can even serve as a curriculum.

Advantages: Visually pleasing if the photos are well chosen. Offers good marketing. Stands.

Professional life: Photographers, hairdressers, creative entrepreneurs, artists, graphic designers / agencies (hihihi), individuals wishing to promote a visual approach, restaurateurs


5. Crowdfunding site

Presentation: versatile, it allows you to collect money without necessarily asking a store. This is then done in the form of donations or fundraising.

He looks for non-profit organizations, individuals in need of funding, business or product launches, surveys or temporary events for a particular cause.

Pros: Can be very simple. It sometimes creates a craze around the cause and leads to a lot of donations.

Professional life: Hospitals, organizations, religious organizations, social causes, environmental causes, events, new business or product seeking funding, cultural organization, virtual events with ticketing

He has his heart on his sleeve

More to come soon:

In conclusion, whatever your website project, know that there is surely some kind of site for you. The types of websites listed above are just the tip of the iceberg.

It went too quickly and you would like to rediscover these characters… uh site? In the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing one article per site type to give you more information on what they can accomplish for you. If either of them has caught your eye, now is a good time to find out more and take their number. ❤️

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