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What is a showcase website?

If you were seduced by the description of the showcase website on our last blog on the most common types of websites and you think that a showcase site is for you, you are now in a second, more in-depth encounter .

The showcase website is versatile, flexible and provides a solid base for a more complex and long-term relationship. It does not, however, allow large galleries of products for sale like an online shop or endless databases. On the other hand, by building a showcase site on the WordPress platform, you can add these elements to your showcase site later. Also, if you want an online store from the start, an e-commerce site would be more suitable for you. If you are not sure, just ask your web agency which type would be better.


The showcase website consists of standard pages: Home page, contact page, about, services, etc. It can have one or more pages. It is a site that seeks first and foremost to inform the user about the company, organization or person they represent. For example, if your site is a business site, your page should reflect your professional mission, the services you provide and your identity.

Let's go deeper into each page of a showcase site

Home page :

Introduction page and overview of other pages on the site. One should instantly understand the mission and services of your or your business. Some eye-catching elements should be there in order to attract curiosity and encourage the person to dig deeper into the site.


Anatomy (ooh lala) from the home page:

  • Main headline or catch phrase with an eye-catching image
  • Logo of your company
  • A paragraph «about»
  • The list of your services
  • Testimonials
  • Calls to action (buttons)
  • The latest news, events, blog articles
  • One way to reach you clearly and in several places

About page :

Your business identity page, your soul. This is where you sell the idea of ​​your organization, your values, your qualities, the team. Now is the time to sell yourself, talk about your achievements and successes.

Anatomy of the about page:

  • Your business story
  • Presentation of employees, shareholders, founders, partners, etc.
  • Your values
  • Some exploits or qualities
  • Your operation
  • Guides and standards


Don’t do your main “pitch” on this page, people will rarely read it. The “About” serves as a complement to the text already present on your home page. If your welcome speech is recited well, it will attract people to read more.

In your short “about” text on your home page, you should find the current buying trends of your potential customers or the vital items they are looking for. The key words to find there are short and clear: local, organic, vegan, fast service, affordable, human, expertise, family business etc.

Keep it short and meaningful. The home page is not the place to write that your business was founded in 1932 in Mascouche when your father was eating a stew. Keep only the essentials: an experienced local family business. Details of your story will be on your About page.

Services page:

This is the place where you list your services, if applicable. In the list of your services, keep in mind that you want to entice the person to join you. Once the contact is made, you will be able to praise him for your knowledge and your products. Write keeping in mind that you are meeting a need first. Example: writing “Do you have water leaks in the basement? We have the solution!” Rather than: “Crack repair service”.


Sometimes putting too much on this page can hurt you. Keep it short and don’t try to put 20 serves that are alike. If people are confused while reading your page, they will go their way. Link it all to a contact page.


Contact page :

Well, this is where you put your details … that’s pretty much it. But this is suuuuuper important!



If you are still not sure that the showcase site is the type for you, we will soon present the e-commerce site or online store for those who want a platform capable of supporting each step of the sale of a product, customer tracking, from description to mailing.

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