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What is a blog website?

If you were taken in by the description of the blog website in our last article on the most common types of websites and you think that a collection of texts is for you, you are now in a second meeting more thorough.

This site is your soul mate if your goal is to share with your audience in writing.

First and foremost, the blog is social and flexible. Know that you can already set up a blog on almost any other form of website. It gets along well with everyone and brings added value to all platforms. The big difference then is that on a blog site, your articles are featured. It is a platform that requires a lot more content production on your part and must be easily modifiable by the user above all.

It’s a great way to improve your SEO!



For a blog to work, post additions must be frequent and constant. Additionally, on a blog, content is presented in anti-chronological order (newest to oldest). People who follow your site must therefore be able to count on new texts periodically.

Then the blog likes people who have something to say and who often interact with their interface. If you want a site with a big store, lots of plugins, and a huge blog, plan to spend a lot of time and resources there.


Page's body

Home page:

-Title and presentation of the purpose of the blog (what will you mainly talk about)

-Some existing eye-catching texts (or the last published articles)

-Presentation of you (brief)

-External links to personal videos, references, interesting articles and other relevant content.

-Links to social networks visible and clear



Article page:

-Eye catching title

-Short summary of the article

-Release date

-Tags / categories / themes / keywords

As for writing articles, it would take a full text to define the different steps, styles, tips and formulas to make articles that are relevant and that represent your values. Then you need to promote your articles so that people will read them. You can post on social media or create educational content with the link to your blog site. In conclusion, if you think that blogging is for you and that you are ready to put in the necessary work, know that it is a very rewarding relationship and which can go very far by bringing you a lot ❤️ Check out our upcoming trainings on web and blog writing!

In addition, a blog can be a place to share news about a business or Tips and Tricks for their products. It can even serve as a travel journal or simply a platform to express yourself, appealing to budding poets!

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