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What is a portfolio website?

If you were taken in by the description of the portfolio website in our last article on the most common types of websites and you think that an image gallery is for you, you are now in a second meeting. further.

This site is your perfect conquest if your life is about taking pictures.

Have you ever been on a date where the person spends all of their time taking photos, selfies, their plate and barely talking to you? If you are in fact that person, your soul mate is likely to be a portfolio site. The Instagram of websites, this site is used to design beautiful galleries to put all your visual exploits. Artists, painters, hairdressers, chefs, artisans, designers, draftsmen, illustrators, photographers; everything that is valued more by images is made for the portfolio site.


It’s a great way to show off your talent!



While your desire is to put as many photos as possible on your site, know that it is more important to put quality first. Find out more in the article on the different types of professional photos and how to produce quality images that add value.


Page's body

Home page:

-Personal presentation

-Put the mood and a few photos that make you want to go further

-Values, personal graphics, keywords showing your personality

-Relevant information on what you sell or promote: your menu, your packages, your prices,

-Your latest achievements, news, events, etc.

-Videos of you in action



Gallery page:

-Images of your projects, products, your establishment, you etc.

-A title for each hidden or visible)

-A description

-The possibility of changing the image without having to exit large image mode

-Keyword sorting mode (optional)


In conclusion, several social platforms already offer portfolio distribution options. These are networks that allow you to connect with other professionals in your field, share projects, get inspiration and easily receive feedback on what you post. These sites should direct people to your personal portfolio site. This is one of the easiest ways to market yourself and drive traffic to your page.

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