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What is a crowdfunding website?

If you were taken in by the description of the crowdfunding website in our last article on the most common types of websites and you think that a site that allows you to raise money is for you, this is it. now to a second, more in-depth encounter.

This site is the love of your life if you have a cause you want to raise money for.

Money doesn’t grow on trees and if you have a project, startup, cause or organization to support, you may have a generous partner. A crowdfunding site is a site used to raise funds, donations or financing from the population. This can be a single landing page with the name of the current organization, cause or event that can be appended to your existing site. In order to be compatible with a fundraising site, you need a clear and compelling motivation.

Promote your cause and collect money!


1. Clearly state the terms

Stage your cause, event, organization, and procedure to achieve your goal. Be clear about who you are helping and how much you need. For example, your texts, photos and colors should reflect what you care about and what you strive for.

Working on your audience’s emotions is very beneficial in this situation. Set realistic goals. Do not ask for 1 million if your community can raise 10,000. It is better then to do several small raises during the year. This gives you more and varied material to promote your cause and it will allow people to donate to you more than once.


2. Establish your promotion tools.

Depending on your helping audience, you will choose where to promote your cause. Social networks are a good place to start, and groups of existing organizations can give you some visibility.

You can break your fundraising down into several smaller goals and interact with people as you go to get the flow going. Increase your notoriety by naming your caregivers and posting several photos of your events and the people you help. Now is the time to bring out your testimonial collections.


3. Feedback on the event when the goal is reached.

Post photos of the event, of the people helped, of the fundraiser, of the people who worked there, etc. Conclude the people who gave them the desire to help you in the future and validate that the money was not spent in vain.


Page’s body:

Very similar to the showcase website, your crowdfunding site can have one or more pages. The only difference is in the buttons and in the choice of visuals. Your buttons should be donation-focused. Get people to care about your cause and offer them to give willingly. There should always be a donate button in the navigation at the top of your home page.

Even if your organization is in a constant fundraising campaign, it is important to show people that you are active in your cause and that you are concretely helping your community. A good online presence offers you an economical, solid and proven way to promote your cause to users. It can also count as positive content! So if it’s crazy love with good causes and organizations, crowdfunding can really help your business.

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