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What is a landing page?

If you’re dealing with a marketing agency, you’ve probably already been offered the opportunity to add a landing page to your ad campaign. This is one of the most common components of an online marketing strategy. At Concept C, we don’t do marketing analysis and campaign strategy, but we often work with agencies to design the visual for this type of page.

But what is a Landing Page? ( or LP). It is the web page the user will “land” on, as a result of a button or link in an advertisement.

And there you are probably saying to yourself, but I already have a page that people land on, my home page! It’s the same thing, isn’t it? Not exactly. A landing page is a single page (no navigation to other pages) that serves a single purpose. Your home page serves as an introduction to your site and provides general information about your company and your mission.

If you clicked on a Facebook ad for the purpose of entering a contest and the link you were given took you to a home page, you’d be a little confused, wouldn’t you? And there you have to navigate the site and look for the damn button to register and you… grrrr just quit. Internet users are not patient and every millisecond counts.


Why have a landing page?

When you promote on social media or your online store, you want people to see your promotion. Wow, that’s obvious! But how do you calculate how many people saw your ad between customers who already follow you, new customers, ads you paid for, and people who came naturally to your site? Haha, it’s less obvious there!

A landing page acts as a common portal that allows you to

  • Direct your customers to your offer
  • Compile email addresses or click statistics
  • Have a temporary page attached to your site (you can easily change it according to your offers, contests and downloads. You can destroy the link without compromising your site.

The LP is used to convince the visitor to take one (1) particular action: subscribe to a newsletter, make an appointment, carry out a transaction, download a document, acquire a promotional code, register for a contest or a mailing list. All this for a specific purpose, motivated by your advertising campaign. The action to take must be clearly indicated by a call to action (link, button, fields to fill in, code to copy, number to call, etc.) The page must be very concise, containing little text. Keep only the essentials.

A Landing page allows people to confirm that they are in the right place, for the right reason.

Types of landing page :

A Lead generation* landing page 

Used to get to know your customers better / Do market research / Measure your audience on several fronts

Lead Generation in brief:

It generates leads. In other words, it’s the personal informations (hints) you accumulate that give you clues as to what your customers are looking for. When you know who your customers are, what they’re looking for, and how they’re thinking, it is much easier for you to design an advertising campaign aimed at these people. How to analyze this data? A marketing agency can take care of your customer analysis and extrapolate your campaign and its elements with you. We specialize more in making your landing page readable … and pretty.


Subscription LP 

Used to collect subscriptions to your newsletter / training / mailing list / promotion

A catchy track on your LP and a quick subscribe button will guarantee you subscriptions.


Download landing page

Allows you to promote a new e-book / product / online training and want to provide insight.

This page has a download button and a description of what people are going to acquire. It may contain a link to a shopping cart if the person, after testing, wants to purchase the entire product. You can also give as a gift a download against the person’s address or a subscription to a mailing list.


A sale LP

Use to push a sale

This page looks like a very condensed version of your online store and promotes one or a few products in particular (promotion / new product / clearance, etc.). You may have a direct shopping cart with descriptions of your products.


A contest LP

You’re making a contest? You guessed :

This page contains a participation button or an option to enter contact details. And pst! These coordinates, you then keep them for your email marketing!


Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what your role is in all of this. In general, all the details, texts, “boosts”, analyzes and strategies are worked out by a marketing team. We just want you to know that this service exists, what it can do for you, and why it is good to consider it. 🙂


Beyond what the page does, it has to be attractive!

What makes a good landing page visually:


Your landing page usually doesn’t contain a lot of information, and it leaves you plenty of space to put in communicative visuals. Your landing page should inspire the person and make them want to buy or participate.



People if they come to your site or landing page need to recognize where they are. Your identity should be clear and you can even match your landing page to your promotional publication.



A good UX, UI and an information hierarchy will help your audience find the information they came for. Within seconds, they should be able to navigate the page and perform an action (button, link, fill-in fields).



A good landing page should only do one specific thing. You may need to take two actions, but it’s better if it accomplishes only one thing.


In closing, a landing page can do a number of different things, but it should only do one or two at a time. It’s an applied strategy that needs to be measurable and in order to do that you need to easily understand what drove people to click your link. It’s even better to have multiple LPs simultaneously for different purposes if you want people to sign up for your newsletter at the same time you launch an ad campaign. You don’t have to be a big business to benefit from a Landing Page. You just need to have a specific goal in mind and a 🔥 marketing team. While waiting for you to find it, we can make you a 🔥 design to go with your 🔥 campaign! It’s hot! hot! hot!🌶

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