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Graphic trends 2022

So, today we are unveiling the 2022 graphic trends …

What ?! Are we almost in 2022? If you’ve had the feeling you’ve been living on Groundhog Day for the past two years, then you are not the only ones. Sadly, the internet is not asleep and although many things have been put on hold, design, especially web design, is very active. So without further ado here are the new graphic trends for this (hopefully) happy year to come.

2022 visually

Bright colors are back!

Yeah! Let’s put fuchsia everywhere! No!!!! We’re talking about bright, attractive and balanced colors, no epileptic seizures. Minimalism is also in order so we reduce the number of colors to 1, 2 or 3 and we choose them carefully to give a wow effect without giving convulsions. We also prioritize a “dark mode” to make reading more pleasant and to contrast our color choices.


Mix photography with geometric elements.

This very graphic trend of juxtaposing a photograph with a geometric shape is nothing new. However, it was generally reserved for the print. We now see it on website headers or even social networks.


Back in black!

You can sing it already with the voice of AC / DC or Amy Winehouse, depending on your style 🎸! The “dark mode” on the various platforms is back in force this year, Google having even embarked on the night train. The popularity of this display mode comes from the strong demand for more subdued interfaces for reading at night on mobile. Many users consult their smart device until late at night and a white light can be unpleasant in the long run.


Organic shapes.

In 2022 everything organic is trendy, even shapes! As much as the past year was geometric and clear, the organic returns this year with a friend: movement! Lots of entertainment to plan. Organic shapes represent all shapes that do not contain any straight lines.



Once again this year, “less is more” on the web. Although other spheres of design in general are looking at filling the space with pattern and texture, the web remains very sober and advocates a more clean, modern and non-abrasive approach.


The text, more than important.

This year, text-only designs are emerging. Vintage-style and massive fonts will be brought to the fore with a big comeback of serifs in the foreground of headlines and headings.


The frosted glass effect.

Ah, comme la neige à neigé… Like a window of frost, this new effect is used to soften the finish of a photo in order to be able to place legible text on it. This is a good way to have a delicate and subtle effect without losing the colors or mood of the image.


The big comeback of illustrations.

Illustrations on website headers have gotten somewhat lost in recent years behind photos, geometric montages or graphic elements. They are now back!

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2022 technically



A very slow, but constant rise in augmented reality technology is now seeing it appear on our screens, on mobile. Several applications now have an augmented reality option that allows you to place an object in space, immerse yourself in a store or visit places. Ikea has one of its options that allows placing one of their furniture in a room of your house to give you an idea of ​​the proportions, color and texture.

tendances-graphiques-2022-vitesse_Plan de travail 1

Interactivity and speed.

Today, it’s no longer about owning a site that doesn’t react when you interact with it. If your site is not showing signs of life and is also slow …
The user = bye! Speed ​​is the watchword this year. Many internet users (more than half) mainly use their mobile to browse websites and often only have a few seconds to search between two bus stations. The user has become accustomed to the very high browsing and content consumption speed. The “infinite scroll” phenomenon makes the user impatient. Continuous surge is a way to display endless content without ever changing pages (Facebook Wall).



Online accessibility is the ability of your site to be usable by as many people as possible, regardless of their circumstances (disabilities, age, cognitive level, etc.). It is in the ease of navigation, display options, clarity of information and accessibility extensions (extension for the visually impaired with voice command for example) that we assess the level of accessibility of your site.



Buttons that move, icons that change slightly and then resume their shape, animated logos, this is no longer a question of looking like a web page is like a static sheet of paper. Things must move. The reason is that people like to be validated for a given or contemplated action. This reward system allows you to confirm your action and gives a sense of tangibility to the platform. When you speak to the web page or application, it responds to you.


Anticipation of actions.

Voice activated, flexibility and responsive interfaces, automation, progressive forms and anticipation of behavior. Power users are now demanding when it comes to their online experience. Interfaces must appear smart. In addition to demanding fast and easy navigation, they expect a stimulating user experience. Interfaces must now anticipate desires and offer instant solutions adapted to the user: depending on its location or the time of day, for example. Artificial intelligence is also seeing a development allowing them to interact like a human or almost.


Power to the thumb.

Design decisions, layouts and apps now empower the mobile experience. The thumb and its reach are put forward. Sizes, locations and interactions are now expanded with mobile and how it is used. Your smartphone or tablet site needs to give thumbs up.


Videos, but!

The videos that work and are popular right now are personal, quality videos that are relevant to the site they appear on. The days of stock videos with actors smiling while eating a salad are over. With the advent of the Tik Tok trend, people want real, real people, in their real home or business. So if you want to put a video on your site, take out your camera.

Most important for this year

The takeaway from the upcoming graphic trends for 2022 is that the user is at the heart of them. Designers and developers are no longer to revolutionize the limits of the web, but to make the web the most hospitable for each user. The way of thinking has changed to allow for instinctive, pleasant and reactive interactions. The watchword then when considering your site or your interactions on social media will be: empathy. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes, understand what they’re looking for and how they want to find it. Things have to look attractive of course (as always), but the buzzword for 2022 is FUNCTIONALITY !!

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