Guarantees on web products

Shared web hosting

All web hosting packages issued by CONCEPT C are offered with a full refund guarantee within 30 days of the subscription date (except in case of clarification on the package). To do this, the customer only has to request it from the customer area. For hosting packages offering a free domain name, the value of the domain will be reduced by the amount refunded, in order to avoid fraud and abuse.

Domain names

Domain names are registered in the customer’s name for the period chosen during the order and are therefore non-refundable. At any time, the client can transfer his domain name to another registrar or change his DNS to point to another server.

SSL Certificates

All SSL Certificates issued through CONCEPT C are backed by a full 21-day money back guarantee. To do this, simply request it from the customer area.
Warranties on SSL products are offered by the issuing authorities of these products. Its amounts are subject to errors and changes without notice. It is your job to check these. In any case, CONCEPT C can not be held responsible for errors.

Web development

No refunds are offered on web development and website creation services (except with the prior written consent of both parties). An initial deposit is always required which is not refundable as well. All in order to guarantee an exceptional quality of work on all the works carried out by the CONCEPT C team.

Web security

If a site covered by one of our web security packages is infected and / or hacked, CONCEPT C will use commercially reasonable efforts to clean and / or restore infected files from that site. In the event that CONCEPT C is unable to restore the file (s) for any reason, CONCEPT C will be obliged to make a full refund of the package for the current year. For packages that include SSL certification, the value of SSL certification will be reduced by the amount refunded, in order to avoid fraud and abuse. For packages that include a content distribution network (CDN), the value of the term used (prorated, 1/12 of the annual fee per month) will be reduced by the amount refunded, in order to avoid fraud and abuse.

Hardware and software

Server availability guarantees

Due to the instability of the Internet networks, CONCEPT C can not guarantee a 100% availability of the servers. But due to the quality of the infrastructure, CONCEPT C guarantees an availability of at least 99.9%. However, offline times are to be expected for reboots due to updates, broken hardware, etc. All this for the sole purpose of always offering the best service on the market. In case of prolonged failure, a partial refund could be issued.

Scripts and software installed by the client

CONCEPT C does not offer any guarantee on the scripts and software put in place by the customer.

Hosted data

CONCEPT C performs a full backup of the data of its servers every 24 hours, and these are stored on external servers. In case of major problem, CONCEPT C is in the possibility of recovering the last backup and reset everything in order to put the servers in the best condition, in the last 24 hours.
CONCEPT C will not be liable if there is a problem and the customer loses his data on the servers. The customer is responsible for his data.

Customer support

CONCEPT C is committed to providing technical support in French, as soon as possible, 24 hours a day, through a request for support via the customer area. Telephone assistance is available only during open hours. Support is always faster during office hours.

Price accuracy

The prices offered by CONCEPT C are those found on the website, in the order section. The price may differ slightly when paying due to currency conversion. Products and services are billed in Canadian dollars. Prices are subject to change without notice for new orders and SSL and dedicated renewals. Shared hosting and domain names keep the same prices at renewal, unless prior notice (annual promotions, etc.).

Method of refunds

Reimbursement methods are at the discretion of CONCEPT C. CONCEPT C may choose to reimburse the customer using a method other than that used by Customer to pay for the refunded service. The majority of refunds will be made by PAYPAL or STRIPE.

These warranties are subject to change without notice. At any time, CONCEPT C may review and modify the above statements. It is your responsibility to visit them regularly. CONCEPT C can not be held responsible for your dissatisfaction following points specified in this agreement. For any questions or objections, do not hesitate to contact us.