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Web design and graphic design

Every small business needs to make itself known, have a web presence and advertise to attract customers. Our goal is to provide complete graphic design services for Web and print projects; not to mention hosting, web security and marketing strategies at affordable prices.

Comprehensive accompaniment of our customers throughout each project!

We work in a rapidly changing field and it is important to always be up-to-date. We  take into account the needs of our customers and the technologies available in our region. The satisfaction of our customers is paramount and we strive to achieve our goals with rigorous follow-up and advice on new tech and platforms that deliver tangible results.

Forward-thinking business practices

Each project starts with a detailed estimate explaining each step. It’s essential for us not to add administrative burden or hidden fees. It’s by being honest that customers come back.

We encourage telecommuting to keep our operating costs as low as possible while increasing the sense of freedom of our employees. We also encourage local buying by mainly favoring local suppliers.

Diversified, flexible and personalized services for complete autonomy.

All our services are based on the principle that beautiful design is paramount, but it must never trump functionality. We adapt to the needs of our customers and give them simple management of their online presence. We offer social media training and tutorials so they can to make website changes themselves.

Cora Stanton
Cora Stanton
Partner and Creative Director

In the field of graphic design since 2003 and a visual communications graduate. She began her career in the United States and returned to Quebec in 2008. She worked for large companies and advertising agencies for 4 years. By working on the client and agency side, she knows what customers want and what kind of services they like and need. She is perfectly bilingual and can communicate easily with English speaking clients.

Président of BNI Élite Mont-Tremblant
Member of Chambre de Commerce de Mont-Tremblant

Alexandre Poirier-Brin
Alexandre Poirier-Brin
Partner and Web Developer

He joined Concept C in 2015 after completing several training classes in various programming languages. He brings to the company an expertise in programming (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery …) and increased knowledge of the WordPress platform and CPANEL. He’s your link between the launch of your site and the training to use it. He is also our guru in SEO, web hosting and Google Analytics, in short, our in-house “geek”!

Implications :
Volunteer firefighter for R.I.N.O.L.
Administrator for La Maison de la Famille du Nord