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Keep pirates at bay!

Every day more than 30 000 websites are hacked! Protect your investment with one of our security packages and increase the speed of your site at the same time. WordPress updates and backups included.

Your website got hacked! Who is responsible? The pirate!

In the event of an attack, unless you have a security contract with your webmaster / web host, it is not their responsibility. You will have to pay for repairs made on your website, which can be very expensive.

A hacked site can cause significant losses and fees.

If the data is compromised, it could also have legal ramifications. If an e-commerce site is offline, sales stop. Not to mention the loss of all the time that was spent creating content and integrating it into the site. Everything could be to start again.

Don’t be caught off guard. Protect your investment with one of our security packages, tailored to your needs and your budget. Here are some highlights:

Real-time monitoring
Protection against attacks
Cleaning after attacks

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